Total GDI Move

For about 5 minutes I thought of joining a sorority the summer before college. And then I saw the price. "Hahaha," I literally laughed to myself at the amount of money girls were willing to throw away just to rush, which did not even guarantee that they would get a bid. Or something. I don't…Read more Total GDI Move


Start a Revolution I want to start a movement,  no, a revolution. I want to put an end to filtered selfies. This video, I believe is supposed to show young women that they're beautiful as is. But I think it should be mentioned that this project contained unfiltered selfies. Plenty of girls, and women, and everything in…Read more Start a Revolution

Fantasy Football, Tattoos, and a Loss of Dignity

This little blurb on a hardcore fantasy football team tickles and irritates me at the same time. I understand wanting your players to go hard every week. I understand wanting to embarrass the guy who lost. But to leave a permanent mark on your body because of it? That I don't understand. That shit lasts.…Read more Fantasy Football, Tattoos, and a Loss of Dignity

Why I Have Self-Esteem Issues

This Chicks on the Right article discusses a disheartening picture that Cosmo posted with a seemingly "healthy" model labelled as "plus-size." There's also a video of the model talking with Ellen, going into detail about her experience. And from all of this, I came up with multiple thoughts. First, obviously, being a size 10 or…Read more Why I Have Self-Esteem Issues