Why I Have Self-Esteem Issues

This Chicks on the Right article discusses a disheartening picture that Cosmo posted with a seemingly “healthy” model labelled as “plus-size.” There’s also a video of the model talking with Ellen, going into detail about her experience. And from all of this, I came up with multiple thoughts.

First, obviously, being a size 10 or 12 is not what I would consider plus-size. If that’s the case, I’m dangerously close, and I’ve been told by several people that I am not, in fact, fat. So there. Maybe a size 16? I don’t know. What size do they label boys as “husky?” Also, why is it just boys that have that? I’ve never heard of a plus-size adult male model! tumblr_msywbkjgpz1ql3ntoo3_1280-575x383

Why are women expected to be pencil thin, yet a guy can be any size and we’re still supposed to be attracted to them? Which brings up something else entirely. Why are there so many shows with overweight men married to slender and attractive women? King of Queens, Married with Children, Still Standing, The League, Family Guy…I could go on. This sets the precedent that it’s okay for men to be fat and lazy, but God forbid women gain an inch throughout there married lives. Do you know what kind of damage that does to a growing girl?

Secondly, I’m glad that there’s finally a wide variety of nationalities in the modeling industry. Not. Because there isn’t one. I still mainly see women of a Western European background. Though, I have recently started to see a few women of color, it’s not enough. index

They decided to put a cross-eyed women up in order to show diversity. I mean, nothing against her, at all. But when you decide to show a Caucasian anomaly instead of women from different backgrounds to “break the mold,” you should be punched in the face.


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