Fantasy Football, Tattoos, and a Loss of Dignity

cont_979be5808150f2774ca06c2e587fd0b3This little blurb on a hardcore fantasy football team tickles and irritates me at the same time. I understand wanting your players to go hard every week. I understand wanting to embarrass the guy who lost. But to leave a permanent mark on your body because of it? That I don’t understand. That shit lasts. I thought long and hard before deciding to get ink. And I made sure that they would not be something I regretted later on.

When you look back on your life, do you really want to see a a care bear on your body and think, “Yeah, I got that cause my fantasy football team lost?” That’s sad. Will it remind you of good times? Maybe. But more likely than not, it’ll remind you of how you should have played Knowshon Moreno instead of Alfred Morris. I’m all for friendly bets in Fantasy. Hell, I thoroughly enjoy the antics on The League. But, is this a risk you really want to take?


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