Start a Revolution

I want to start a movement,  no, a revolution. I want to put an end to filtered selfies. This video, I believe is supposed to show young women that they’re beautiful as is. But I think it should be mentioned that this project contained unfiltered selfies.

Plenty of girls, and women, and everything in between may take away from this that they are beautiful as they make themselves.  Why can’t we take it one step further and get rid of the filters and the touch-ups? Can’t you see, that by continuing to engage in “fixing” our pictures,  it just reaffirms the idea that we want to strive for an ideal that isn’t even attainable? We’ve created this notion  that women changing their pictures,  and men on computers changing women’s pictures is okay. And it’s not.

We should celebrate our identifying features. We should amplify what makes us different,  which in turn makes us beautiful. So I ask you to join me. I will no longer filter any selfies that I take. What you see will be what you get.


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