Total GDI Move

For about 5 minutes I thought of joining a sorority the summer before college. And then I saw the price. “Hahaha,” I literally laughed to myself at the amount of money girls were willing to throw away just to rush, which did not even guarantee that they would get a bid. Or something. I don’t know all of the terms. And so I decided that Greek life was strictly for rich people. Then I joined an organization that was super cheap. It was awesome. I met some great people, and am pretty sure a couple will be in my wedding some day. Anyway, as I listened to the older people of my social group, I heard some nasty shit about Greek life. Just like anyone else not in a frat or sorority, I was ready to judge them faster than Judy can slam that gavel down. I wanted nothing to do with any of them.

sororityAnd through my years at A&M, my hatred slowly transformed into an indifference. As I come upon the end of my college career, I can say that not all Greek people are assholes. Some of the nicest people I have met happen to be a part of this culture. I’ve even partied with some of them in a frat house. What? Yeah, it is possible to go home from a frat party without regrets or the aftermath of being roofied. Is that even a word? It should be. Whatever. Back to my preconceived notions… Not all of these kids were living off of mommy and daddy. I’ve met and heard dozens of stories from students who work in order to pay for dues. More power to them. Also, I was surprised at how welcoming some of the guys were. Before you say anything, no, they weren’t trying to get into my pants. The nice ones had girlfriends, or something. And some of them genuinely cared about helping others in the community. Now although I have yet to make it to a sorority function, I’m sure those can be nice as well. downloadYes, I have unfortunately encountered some terrible people within these organizations. However, doesn’t everybody have at least one bad apple? I know my organization has a few. Among others. Yes, I know Greek people tend to have a bad reputation for the shit that one chapter out of the entire country does. But let’s be honest. Think about all of the times you or someone you know has done something stupid. Aren’t you happy that you didn’t get caught? Couldn’t that be your friend, or yourself, on the front page of websites, making your school and organization look bad? I guess what I’m trying to say is, I apologize for thinking that y’all were all drunk, stupid, fake bitches. Though some of you are, I will try to be open-minded when I see those letters on your shirt. 



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