PSA, To the students at Texas A&M

I didn't fight for our country. I don't really plan on serving unless there's a draft and women have to go as well. But dammit, I'm always going to respect someone involved with our military.  That being said, A&M has always been a school who cultivates and respects those same people. We have an entire…Read more PSA, To the students at Texas A&M


It’s Not You, It’s Him

It's not about you. It was never about you. Relationships, and finding that one true love, and marriage, it's not for you! Now normally I'm not one to go and share to the world some "ahhh-mazing" blog post that someone decided to bring to Facebook. But my friend Lauren did. ¬†And I like it. It…Read more It’s Not You, It’s Him

Media Has Ruined Me, or I’ve Ruined Myself

I was reading Media Effects Research for a class today, and there was a section about television and how well children do in school depending on their watching habits. And I've heard numerous times before how it negatively effects your progress. For some reason, I guess as a senior in college, it finally hit me.…Read more Media Has Ruined Me, or I’ve Ruined Myself