It’s Not You, It’s Him

It’s not about you. It was never about you. Relationships, and finding that one true love, and marriage, it’s not for you! Now normally I’m not one to go and share to the world some “ahhh-mazing” blog post that someone decided to bring to Facebook. But my friend Lauren did.  And I like it. It makes a lot of sense. Her name is Mo and she played soccer for LSU. (Go SEC!). Anyway, she wrote an interesting engagement announcement.

And there was actually something to be said. To quote her, “The Word says the covenant of marriage has everything to do with God. The Word says the journey of navigating a lifetime promise has everything to do with Jesus. And the only thing perfect for YOU in the equation is grace.” diamond-engagement-ringWhy has no one ever thought of sharing this concept with us before? Oh wait…

But that wouldn’t make tons of money, would it? So we buy into this bullshit that it’s all about how big the ring should be, or how grandiose the wedding should appear, when it’s all a spectacle. So we spend lots of money. We invite lots of people to watch. And we end up shrinking the main attraction into an honorable mention. Maybe. We steal the show. Repeat. It’s not about you.

It’s about two people coming together for Him. We should focus on Him. There’s plenty of time to focus on each other or yourselves. Shine a little light on the Man who made you, in His image, may I remind you.

Yes, marriage is important. Yes, you should definitely love the person you’re going to spend the rest of  your life with. But just remember that it’s not for you.


One thought on “It’s Not You, It’s Him

  1. This is a really great standpoint on marriage. I feel like the world is overrun with engagement fever lately, it’s good to see it get back to what it’s supposed to be about.

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