PSA, To the students at Texas A&M

I didn’t fight for our country. I don’t really plan on serving unless there’s a draft and women have to go as well. But dammit, I’m always going to respect someone involved with our military.  That being said, A&M has always been a school who cultivates and respects those same people. We have an entire building dedicated to the proud countrymen who lost their lives! The M in MSC stands for Memorial,  in case you didn’t know, or just forgot. 

Now I’ve witnessed my fair share of people unknowingly wear a hat whilst walking through. And I’ve certainly been among people who may have been a tad loud, which arguably could be considered disrespectful. But never have I witnessed so much outright, dare I say it, disdain in the MSC than tonight.

There was a group of young men and women bombarding through the halls, dressed in some outlandish costumes. Perhaps a FLO, or Fish Camp, I don’t mean to call them out, but they’re the only co-ed organizations that I know of who happen to dress in such a manner and parade around campus. I digress. 

One girl in particular,  amongst the sea of shouting heads, was wearing a beanie. I know how cold it is, but you take that off once you enter the building.  Now I wouldn’t be writing this if that’s all that had occurred.  Once I noticed the young lady, I proceeded to call her out, like any good ag. “Could you please take off your hat?” No response,  she just strolls along.

Louder now, “Hey, take off your hat!” Still nothing. My studying, beyond interrupted by now, I flat at yell, “YOUR HAT. OFF!” Of course it was to no avail. And it was at that point,  when she was growing closer to the door that I realized she wasn’t walking at all. She was riding. A scooter.

Now if you’re handicapped, I will say nothing of you wheeling through. However,  if you’re perfectly capable of walking, why would you even think that it’s okay to ride through a building,  let alone a memorial building? Come on Ags, get your shit together.

Respect those before you.


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