Are you there, Mr. Manager?

Are you there, Mr, Manager? It's me, Victoria. I know I've been bothering you with my resume and my cover letter, not to mention the phone call. Yeesh. I'm terribly sorry. I would be annoyed with myself. What was I thinking? Applying for a job that has a minimum requirement of 3-5 years experience... How…Read more Are you there, Mr. Manager?


My 20s (The Asshole Years)

I’m grateful to have read this now while I still have some of my 20’s left.

Mended Musings

your 20s

I have two younger brothers in their 20’s. The older of the two is turning 29 this year and in honor of his last year as a twenty-something, I’m sharing my take on this important decade.

Dear Brothers,
When I was in my 20’s I was a real asshole, as was just about everyone I’ve ever known who passed through that decade. I’m not at all saying that you two specifically are assholes and I don’t mean to offend anyone reading this. Every decade that we have the honor of living gets summed up with the virtue of hindsight and I like to refer to my 20’s as The Asshole Years. I use the word as a way to describe how people in their 20’s are sometimes perceived and if we’re lucky enough to be over 30, we were assholes too (and might still be). These are my experiences and…

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