Check Your Privilege

*Disclaimer: I don’t always look to Yahoo for my news, but happened to stumble upon this, not to get confused with StumbleUpon.

This story, which is more detailed here at the Daily Record discusses a teenager suing her parents. Allegedly, from the girl’s side, her parents kicked her out of the house and cut her off financially on her 18th birthday. However, the writings then go on to say that the other side of the story is quite different. The girl is welcomed home as long as she abides by what I consider feasible rules- reconsidering a questionable relationship, being respectful, and following a curfew. According to her parents, she doesn’t want to live under these rules, but still demands to be supported financially.

What? Is a judge actually taking this case? It sounds like a spoiled child taking things way too far. Granted, the parents should take some responsibility for letting it get to this point. I don’t know how to raise kids. I don’t have any. But from reading and observing, I can’t help but think that if the parents had not been so lenient with the girl previously, they wouldn’t be in this situation. However, this girl should be respectful of her parents. Growing up, I found my parents to be fairly reasonable with my wishes as long as I was respectful. I doubt her parents would just up and cut her off. In my opinion, this girl should apologize, and be thankful for the opportunities she was given.


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