…But why writing?

As graduation creeps up on me, everyone always asks the same question, "So what are you doing after graduation?" Or something along those lines. I always have the same answer. "Hopefully get a job." But it's more than just a paycheck I want. I want to write. I really do. This blog by Andrew Toy…Read more …But why writing?

Small Actions, Big Differences

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ihoR9B7p-1Q Harish Manwani gave this excellent TED Talk about business models. Not many people find business interesting, but I think this notion that profit is not always the point is very interesting. After working in retail, I've become a lot more cognizant of different businesses and what they're doing for the consumer. I've realized that…Read more Small Actions, Big Differences

What I’ve Learned Outside the College Classroom

So I'm actually supposed to make a blog for one of my classes. How convenient. I've decided to make a list of stuff I've learned about myself and my generation in college, but not actually in a classroom or from a book. 1. Millennials love lists. Especially about themselves (which brings me to number 2).…Read more What I’ve Learned Outside the College Classroom