What I’ve Learned Outside the College Classroom

So I’m actually supposed to make a blog for one of my classes. How convenient. I’ve decided to make a list of stuff I’ve learned about myself and my generation in college, but not actually in a classroom or from a book. millennials

1. Millennials love lists. Especially about themselves (which brings me to number 2). They’re easy to read and they look cool. Why do you think we love Thought Catalog and BuzzFeed so much?

2. Millennials are egocentric. We get so caught up in ourselves that at times it comes back to bite us.

3. Millennials are sooo nostalgic. Anytime something pops up from the 90’s or early 2000’s we eat it up. yUdUw

4. Millennials love adding extraneous letters to draw words out for no particular reason. Perhaps for emphasis? Whateverrr.

5. Millennials love Disney. Always. No matter what truths we’ve been exposed to about the atrocities the movies have bestowed upon us and the ideal woman, we are never going to get tired of busting out in song. Hakuna Matata!

6. Millennials love broadcasting their lives. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Snapchat. Tumblr. Do people still use Vine?

7. Millennials are super curious about themselves. We love taking quizzes and reading up about how we think, act, and feel. We also like quizzes that compare us to different characters, creatures, and what have you.

8. Millennials are visual. We love pictures. And videos. And emjois. And gifs!

9. Millennials are ambitious. We’ve been told all our lives that our potential is practically limitless. We’re told that we can do whatever we set our minds to. How can we not expect to do great things?

10. Millennials can pick up technological skills very quickly. We were born with a mouse in our hands. And we’re constantly on our computers, tablets, and smartphones.

11. Millennials have short attention spans. Too many words and we stop reading about halfway through. Probably.

If you would like to add stuff that YOU’VE learned about millennials, feel free to add on to the list in the comment section. But please, comment, it’s for a grade. Thanks!


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