Small Actions, Big Differences

Harish Manwani gave this excellent TED Talk about business models. Not many people find business interesting, but I think this notion that profit is not always the point is very interesting. After working in retail, I’ve become a lot more cognizant of different businesses and what they’re doing for the consumer. I’ve realized that people aren’t just another sale. Companies shouldn’t be focusing on making money. They should be focusing on helping people, and changing lives. Manwani argues that companies should serve the communities that sustain them.

I completely agree. I’m not going to call any businesses out. However, I will say that I’ve definitely come across businesses that don’t serve the communities. They’re so focused on making numbers, that they completely miss out on big opportunities to help the same people who put up those numbers. I think a lot more people would have respect for businesses if the owners or employees were out in the public trying to help. Community service. Fundraisers. Donations. Something. I’m not talking a few here and there for appearances. I’m saying that businesses should be doing their best to help the communities around them grow. Perhaps that could lead to more sales, and it should be a reward for what the businesses have done, not something to be expected.


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