Naked and Afraid

afraidThe show on Discovery Channel is quite intriguing. If you have never heard of it, you should check it out. I feel very incompetent after watching some of those survivalists…But I digress. The name of the show, it got me thinking. Naked and Afraid.

When you expose yourself to someone, I mean truly expose yourself. Not literally, anyone can take off their clothes. I’m talking about letting this person inside. You show them your inner most thoughts, ideas, desires, and feelings, what really makes you. Whether or not this is to a friend, or a potential partner, when you do this, you are naked and afraid. It’s a scary feeling. Wondering whether or not this person is going to take you for everything that you are, the good and the bad. Questioning everything, because this person has the power to break you. So you hope and pray that they love you. You have faith that the person you are is going to be accepted.

You want to be someone that he or she is okay with. You want to be someone that interests them. You want them to feel comfortable exposing themselves as well. That is when you’ve truly found someone with whom you want to share your life. You’ve found your maid of honor, your best man, your husband, your wife. That person and you can be naked, and not afraid, together. Anyone who sees everything and is disgusted, or doesn’t have the intrepidity to also expose themselves, they’re just wasting your time.


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