Dear Class of 2014

Y’all know as well as I do that we aren’t ready for the real world. We may or may not want to leave our respective schools. Though let’s be honest, it’s not really school we’re going to miss. It’s the people. The parties. The bars. The late night conversations with friends. Those random road trips to anywhere away from your college town. The procrastination before finals, yet still managing to pull a decent enough grade to pass. Just life. But you know what? It’s going to be okay. We’re going to be okay. We’re awesome. YOU’RE AWESOME.

We grew up in a time when we heard dial-up tones before we could explore then wonders of the internet. In case you forgot what it sounds like, just listen to any Skrillex song.

We watched this guy. faceWe learned from this guy.



We listened to these people.90s musicWe played with this thing.

parachuteWe’ve turned out alright so far. Don’t back out now. Go out there! We’re not in Kansas anymore. Make your parents proud. Make your friends prouder. Be the best you. Whether it’s going to grad school, finding a job, or yourself, or whatever, do it and do it well. If you don’t know where you’re going, remember that it’s okay. Not all who wander are lost. You do your thing! Shine bright like a diamond. Stay gold, Ponyboy. You’re all beautiful souls. Take it to the limit. Lose yourself in all the small things. Be a leader. We weren’t born to follow. Party hard and drop it like it’s hot, because in the end it doesn’t even matter. Nobody gets out alive anyway. So get busy living, or get busy dying. May the force be with you, and here’s looking at you, kid. Make your lives extraordinary.


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