I’m Coming Out

Recently I read an article. It gave me the strength and the courage I needed. I’m coming out of the closet as well. I am proud to be a straight softball player! I’ve played competitively for about I5 years. Everyone always considered the stereotype. I was expected to be interested in girls. “Oh you play softball?” Is what I would get in a condescending tone, followed by a stare that meant, You-don’t-look-like-a-homosexual-but-because-you-play-I’m-assuming-you-are-one. But, I just wasn’t into girls. I liked boys, especially baseball players. I couldn’t help it!


I didn’t feel like choosing this lifestyle. There’s no switch. There’s no button. I guess you could say I was wired this way, that God MADE me this way. Other softball players weren’t always as feminine as me. They didn’t wear ribbons in their hair. They didn’t like pink or purple shirts. I was part of a minority group of girls.

I want other softball girls to feel comfortable being themselves. We don’t all have to be lesbians. We don’t all have to be tomboys. We can be covered in dirt and sweaty one minute, and in a dress wearing make-up the next. We can be tough and sweet at the same time. Contrary to belief, there are straight softball players. When I was younger, I looked up to Jenny Finch, a closet straight player, hoping to find a guy who was okay with me playing this sport.

I hope this helps girls who feel pressured into the gay softball lifestyle. I hope it shows girls that they can like guys and softball. I hope that maybe one day softball girls won’t be stereotyped.


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