“Hey, remember Nick?” Kelsey looked over at her friend as she took a sip from her drink.

“The basketball player, right?” Daniel’s eyes rolled up and to the right, his memory working hard. “Yeah yeah, he was a freaking star. I only hung out with him like once, but he was pretty cool.”

“Yeah. He needs a new liver.”

“What? How do you know? You still keep up with him? I didn’t know y’all were friends.”

“We weren’t. But Jackson and him were like this. And we still talk every once in a while…He says that all of that alcohol finally caught up with him. Dude’s got a kid, and a bitter ex-wife. Am I surprised? Eh, not really.”

Kelsey started playing with her margarita. Daniel is about to say something, but decides against it.

“Man, he really could have been something. Got drafted before college but he chose to go, and then he went into the draft halfway through, who DOES that?” Daniel reaches to his dog at his legs and starts rubbing his ears. “Kid had a lot of potential. But he threw it all away for the three B’s. What a chump.”

“Three B’s?” Kelsey has a confused look on her face.

“Booze. Bitches. And Bambi.”

Kelsey sits there waiting. Daniel takes a sip from his beer.


“What, what?”

“What the hell is Bambi?”

“Coke. Duh.”

“Wha-how, I don’t understand that one.”

Daniel rolls his eyes. “You ever notice how Bambi has that little white line on his little black nose?” He takes another sip. “Bambi.”

“I’m just impressed you know that movie!” Kelsey sits back as she crosses her arms. She looks down at the dog who’s now asleep at his owner’s feet. He was really a horse. He just thought he was a small house pet.

“Uhhh, it’s my favorite animated Disney movie ever! Behind Finding Nemo of course. I love that little dude.” Daniel starts to sing-talk, “Do-ryyy and lil lil Nemoooo up against the worlddd! His dad tries to fiiind himmmm. Oohhhh.” He puts on his sunglasses and picks up the check.

Kelsey gets ready to leave. “Oh Danny, what would my life be like without you?” Without missing a beat Daniel replies, “Waitin’ on that alimony check from Nick. This just in. It ain’t comin.” Kelsey laughs and hugs her friend bye.


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