Bad Runs Humble You

First I must say, if anyone tells you that he or she doesn't have bad or tough runs, you better have an extinguisher with you, because their pants are undoubtedly on fire, because they're liars. You can't have good runs without bad runs. And everyone has good runs. So in turn, everyone has bad runs.…Read more Bad Runs Humble You


Welcome to R.A.

Hi, my name is Victoria, and I am a runner. "Hi, Victoria." Growing up playing sports, of course I ran. But only in relation to that sport, and never enjoyed it. I was more of a sprinter. I played softball and I was fast around the bases. Like a cheetah, I was. Long distance was…Read more Welcome to R.A.

Previously known as Sunrise 6K means #texansdoitbetter aka #np_pledgetakeover

I wrote this for the tribe...I thought about editing but decided, "No. Unedited, off the cusp, raw writing is when I excel, sooo, enjoy: Sunrise 6K means #texansdoitbetter aka #np_pledgetakeover The weather was cool, but not too cool. The air was crisp. A small gust of wind. *Gentle music begins.* I wake up. It’s race…Read more Previously known as Sunrise 6K means #texansdoitbetter aka #np_pledgetakeover