Hi, my name is Victoria, and I am a runner.

“Hi, Victoria.”

Growing up playing sports, of course I ran. But only in relation to that sport, and never enjoyed it. I was more of a sprinter. I played softball and I was fast around the bases. Like a cheetah, I was. Long distance was never my thing. Of course during practices we’d have to run. By the time I got to high school we would run for our grades. Report cards AND progress reports. It was the worst when teachers had only put in a portion of the grades, so it looked like I was failing after one bad quiz. “Why couldn’t you grade my paper faster?!” Anyway, it created my disdain for running. It was the bane of my existence.

I get to college and I run every now and then at the rec center, just so I don’t get out of shape in between intramural seasons. Flag football. Softball. Dodgeball. Even soccer and basketball, which I had never really developed a skill for, but soon became rather competitive…Running during games was fun. Except soccer, I hate soccer. So I stick to defense and don’t run as often.

After I graduated, I didn’t really do much of any exercise. I did find an adult slow-pitch softball team. But everyone knows there’s more beer curls than running with that. My friend and I soon decide that we need to start running. “We’ll train for a 5k!” So naturally we downloaded the Couch25K app…

I trained for a 5k. She got a boyfriend. I was able to run 3.1 miles without stopping. WHAT A FEAT! I still hated running. I never actually participated in any 5k. But I could run it.

Soon I move up to Dallas, and if you’ve read my other works, you know the rest. I have grown to dislike running less and less. I may even, *ahem* LOVE it. And I do it on a regular basis. I started a run club at my work…I can’t deny it. It’s cut into my social time, as I’ve ditched plans to go run. Mr. Kitty hardly gets play time because as soon as I get home from work I’ll go for a run.

But at least it’s a healthy obsession? And it’s not like I’m running too much. I give myself rest days. I am just thankful that I have others like me. There are some with a bigger problem than mine. You know people who run Ultras? THEY have the problem. Or the one’s who never give themselves an off-day? So I guess I’m doing okay, right?

Anyway, that’s my story. And I’m officially 24 hours clean from running. I might just go for a measly mile or two later.

Thanks for listening!


From my first actual 5K race. After I had been running for a while.


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