Sometimes you need to take break from the things you love most. You need to reevaluate facts of life, and focus more on what you’ve been neglecting. For me, I needed to step back from We Run Big D. I needed to nurture my mental health and my faith. Throughout this Lenten season I gave up dairy. And then for Passover, well, you know. So as I went to church each week, and my body was sort of in a “restart” mode, I learned a few things. About myself. About my life. About the world. And after that sweet cheeseburger last night, I was ready to go back to my tribe.

As I turned onto the street, I immediately pull off to park. There were cars lining the road on both sides. I’m not used to this. I normally have a spot up front and center. Not that I’m important, but there’s usually room. Today I feel like an outsider.

I walk up to this huge mass. I immediately see a few familiar faces. Thank God, because I do not do well with crowds of strangers. (Ironic, given the vibe of the tribe.) As I wake my way through future friends toward those I already know, I get this odd feeling. Kinda like when you go back to a high school football game after being at college for a bit. The freshmen are curious as to who you are. Your old friends still in school are stoked to see you. And your other classmates coming back from college enjoy being back with everyone as well. A mini reunion of sorts.

Hugs for everyone. It’s been a hot minute since I’ve seen some people. Their faces light up when they see me. Manny asks, “Have you met him yet?” I had not. I slowly saunter toward his man crush. For the past year and a half I’ve been coming to workouts, Manny has been gushing over this Yankee. I was curious to actually meet this wonder.

Rookie mistake, naturally in networking-mode, I throw out a hand for a shake. “Howd-” he cuts me off, “Put that away,” he dismisses my professionalism. Now for a second chance. “Howdy. My name is Victoria. Nice to meet you.” I make a comment. He’s quick in an attempt to correct my vernacular. I nonchalantly inform him that down here, anyone above the wall is a Yankee. As the man is seemingly rather popular, I make my exit so that others can introduce themselves.

Eventually the scrambled crowd evolves into a giant circle, almost psychedelic in shape. Being near the middle, I become a bit anxious. Harrison cries for the crowd to bounce. There’s a crescendo into a thunderous roar…

“Y’all good!”


Almost immediately it breaks into white noise of strangers and friends alike hugging each other, thanking each other for attending the workout and being there. It’s mildly peaceful. It’s also slightly unbearable due to the fact that I am not a fan of hugging strangers. But I adore hugging my friends. I see-saw.

Throughout the workout I’m running and seeing a plethora of new faces. High-fives and “good jobs” all around. Sweat dripping. Stopping to re-do my ponytail every so often. (Side note: thin hair ties do not work well with super thick hair!) And just overall fun was had.

Oh, you’ve never had fun at workout? Well that’s unfortunate for you. You should come out with us. First work out is free. After that, it’s free!

I digress…

The workout ends. We make our way toward the stairs for the iconic photograph. (I hate how often the word “iconic” is used today, but I think this is deserving of the term.) More roaring from the crowd. We didn’t need some emcee to tell us to “Make some noooiiisseee.” We were pumped.

This is it. After *literally* nearly 2 years, we are officially November Project Dallas. Brogan names Manny the first recipient of the Positivity Award. It’s overdue. Manny quickly names Tywon in his place. Tywon is probably the most positive guy you’ll ever meet. Ever. It’s well-earned.

After all of what appeared to be extraneous efforts to become official, we can finally say we made it. We started from the bottom, where we’d have a handful of people…



And now the whole tribe is freaking here…

wrbd becomes npdal



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