It’s just another run for me. Nothing interesting here. Oh, I strained my hamstring. So I’ll be slowly nursing it back to health. But, I know that I’ll be good to go soon enough.

That’s not the case for some. Some people won’t ever be able to run again. They will never get to use the words, “Oh I’m just gonna go for a quick run!” or “Hey, wanna go run with me?” or even a “Man, I just don’t really feel like running, but I know have to, ugh.” They can’t.

In the U.S. alone, hundreds of baby boys are diagnosed with muscular dystrophy. Sure, it’s known as a “rare disease,” but a disease that affects too many families nonetheless.

Imagine you’re about to have a child of your own, or a grandchild, and you’re so excited! You want him to play sports. You want to teach him how to swim, play baseball, football, basketball, or even run track like you did in college. And then the child is born, and words can’t express your feelings. You’ve never been so happy…

Three years later you realize something is off. You take your child to the doctor. The freight train hits you. Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. You don’t hear the doctor as you’re busy Googling what it is. Your face drops. No Friday Night Lights. No summer nights at the ballpark. No long jogs getting to catch up with each other. Within the next ten years your child will be wheel-chair bound.

Sadly that’s reality for some people. And so I’m running for those who can’t. I’m using the gift God gave me to support those without it. I’m raising money to fight muscle disease.

Whether this money goes to research, supporting programs, like MDA Summer Camp, or to a family in need, I feel good knowing that I’m helping.

So if you have it in your heart, I ask that you help me. $20. $10. $5. Whatever you can. Whatever you feel is appropriate, I appreciate it all.


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