“Remember that movie 127 hours? Yeah it was just like that.”

That enough melodrama for the day? Here’s what actually happened and what my day was actually like sans cellular device…


I race home from my workout with November Project Dallas. I had to hurry and get ready for work, as most people do. In the spirit of sprinting away, I had forgotten something that day! My phone, but of course. I didn’t notice until it was too late. Time had already sealed my fate. I quickly got dressed and walked to work.

I had forgotten my wallet as well. Oy, what luck I fell! No phone. No money. That means no Starbucks for me. And no lunch either? But really, can it be? As the day went on, I kept reaching for a phantom phone. But luckily I knew where it was. For in the morning on Facebook (desktop) I saw a pic of my sweet kitty. Oh what virtuosity!

Someone had my phone. I knew it was in good hands. By the end of the day, it would be back in mine. So I guess I shouldn’t whine? The day carries on and so does my life. It went without a hitch or even a strife. I must admit, this no phone thing was fun. I was super productive at work, getting everything done.

The end is near and I head back home. I had time to kill, so why not roam? With no way to reach my phone’s captor, I log on to my computer. A few hours later I got in my car, but what would I do when I got to the place? Do I honk my horn, turn up the bass?

A kind stranger appears after 10 minutes of waiting, he lets me into the complex; I think he was going ice skating? I run up to the apartment and meet my friend. Within minutes my phone is back with me, the end.


What I loved most about not having my phone for the day was how freeing it felt. No texts. No extra email checking. No social media aside from trying to get my phone back. I honestly wasn’t in a rush to go after it. But I didn’t have an alarm, so it was a bit of a necessity…So I encourage you, one weekend, or even a day, leave your phone at home. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.



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