That time I ran a marathon (part 2)

Previously on Just Victoria Things, I ran my first marathon.  After that, I vowed to never do it again. "Never again!" I shook my fist to no one in particular. For the first month after my marathon, any time someone would ask me when my next one was, I would respond, "Never."  (insert cliche: never…Read more That time I ran a marathon (part 2)


Cotton-Eyed Bowl

"Dude, Cotton Bowl." "What!" "Cotton Bowl..." Manny leans back and takes a sip of his coffee. The rest of us look at each other like, "Is he serious?" I glance over thoughtfully at the plush wall of cowboy hats... We've been wanting to find a solid set of stairs since as far as I can…Read more Cotton-Eyed Bowl

5ummit – Woo Yeah!

"From the outside looking in, you can't understand it. From the inside looking out, you can't explain it." November 2011. I was in overdrive mode. We were pushing to finish stack. It was my chief semester. Meanwhile, up in Boston, unbeknownst to two dudes, the birth of a movement had just begun. By the end…Read more 5ummit – Woo Yeah!

I spent a day without my phone and almost died.

"Remember that movie 127 hours? Yeah it was just like that." That enough melodrama for the day? Here's what actually happened and what my day was actually like sans cellular device...   I race home from my workout with November Project Dallas. I had to hurry and get ready for work, as most people do.…Read more I spent a day without my phone and almost died.

A long-winded way of saying, “We made it”

Sometimes you need to take break from the things you love most. You need to reevaluate facts of life, and focus more on what you've been neglecting. For me, I needed to step back from We Run Big D. I needed to nurture my mental health and my faith. Throughout this Lenten season I gave…Read more A long-winded way of saying, “We made it”